Pick Up!!


「ジャッジ 裁かれる判事」の映画予告でリスニング

ジャッジ 裁かれる判事の映画予告で英語リスニング力をアップ!!

-The infamous Hank Plamer.

-The jaded lawyer with no respect for the law.


-Did that just happen!?

-How does it feel when every person you represent it guilty?

-It’s fine.

-Innocent people can’t afford me.

-All rise.

-Is there anything the counsel could add?

-My mom passed away this morning.

-Is this the first time your mom passed away or is this something you do on all the case you're about to loose?

-First time.

-So Grandpa Palmer’s dead too?

-No. Grandpa Palmer is dead to me, it’s like a figure of speech.

-Sounds complicated, I should go with you.

-Trust me, nobody wants to go to Carlinville Indiana.

-God, here we go.

-We can barely stand the sight of each other.



-Hank, thanks for coming.

-I’m sure your mother would have appreciated it.

-Hank Palmer

-Sherif White. It’s regarding your father.

-Biggest mistake of your career and you just happen to run him over?

-Forensic found traces of blood on your dad’s car.

-I sat on the bench of that courtroom for 42 years.

-This was an accident, period.

-We need to establish a firm defence.

-There’s no WE here Henry.

-I wish I liked you more.

-I can’t stay.

-You’re a lawyer, he’s your father.

-You leave now, you will regret it.

-You’re a shined up wooden nickel Mr. Palmer.

-I’m gonna impale your client on a first-degree murder charge. And you get a front row seat.

-My father’s a lot of unpleasant things but murder’s not one of them.

-I have memories of us.

-Then I don’t.


-Was I tough on you?


-I did what I though was right.

-In my experience, Hank, sometimes you gotta forgive…in order to be forgiven.

-You and I are finally done.

-Oh we’re not done.


all rise・・・起立
figure of speech・・・言葉のあや、比喩
stand the sight of each other・・・お互いの顔を見る
run over・・・車で引く
wooden nickel・・・偽物
first-degree murder ・・・一級殺人